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9697 Days we do MMPower Design

It was years 1998 when I decided to come out of the idea of ??being an individual about vehicles for years and prepare my own vehicles. At the beginning of this calendar year, I started to work on behalf of vehicle modification as an individual. Between 1998 and 2004 I have been involved in many brand and model vehicles and realized their projects. I made a decision to create my own brand because of too many wrong vehicle projects I made on behalf of Modifiye. When dates show 2004, I established the MMPower brand with the thought that the branding could yield self and rule in the name of professionalism and institutionalism. I have registered and patented the trademark, and since 2004 I have completed my projects with the MMPower brand. I started my MMPower brand in our 70m2 closed area, which I opened in Kürsehir Hürriyet Mahallesi. In 2008, I moved to 125m2 new place in Kayseri New Industry and started to prepare my new projects in this hospital. Until 2015, I signed the projects which are accepted in two different places and which take place in very wide forms. You can review these projects by clicking Here. I published all the photos from the beginning to the end of the entire project I had done with the projects section on this link. I've become a Garage that can be tracked around the world. In 2015, I moved to a new showroom in Kayseri Tunca Caddesi with 300m2 closed area and 600m2 open area. Here, I created a world-class space with visuality to provide Garage-Showroom formation. I am doing my projects and this is my new project.


I have been distributing and franchising many famous brands since 2004. These brands can be viewed by clicking Here. These products, which are accepted by all over the world, continue to drive both in our vehicles and in the direction of our valued customers. All of our products have all the required certifications or are produced and sold for individual vehicle models or universal. In our own garage, if you are counted in our classrooms, we will modify, display and sell. Please click Here to review these tools. If we start projects for the needs of us, the first car is thrilled, we pay attention to every bolt of the project in every detail until the end of the project. We follow all the process until the vehicles are completed. We live in error or inaccuracy. Besides our garage stocks, there are many special products. Find 3D safe Online sales can also check out our special products by clicking Here, buy figs online.

MMPowerTeam Chief Mustafa ILHAN